Precut Aluminum Foil Sheets

SKU: FPU9102400 ISBN: 815797015713

SPECIFICATIONS: Our single sheets aluminum foil measuring 9" x 10.75" or 12" x 10.75" come in a pop-up dispenser. With 200 or 500 individual precut aluminum sheets per box, these foil squares come in handy for cooking or storing food.

PREMIUM QUALITY: Our foil sheets for food are tough, food safe, and built to last. Our large foils are conductive, allowing heat to pass through, so your food is cooked to perfection.

VERSATILE USES: Whether it’s wrapping chicken or your choice of vegetables on the grill or barbecue, lining a baking sheet or a pan of French fries, or covering a pan of pot roast, our cooking foil sheets can be a kitchen staple.

HEAT PROOF: These thin aluminum foil tapes can withstand high temperatures. Use these wraps for cooking or reheating food quickly and easily. They are designed for ease of use in cafeterias, restaurants, delis, etc.

IDEAL FOR STORAGE: These easily disposable foil hotdog wrappers are malleable and fold easily. They seal tight and can be used to wrap leftovers or keep food warm. These sandwich foils can be used to store food in the refrigerator or freezer.